Sunday, 17 March 2013

Luscious Diamond Finish Nail Lacquers - Review

Hi girlyz,
I have been really fond of Luscious Nail Lacquers due to its quick drying time & large variety of colors !
I picked 2  Lacquers one from creme finish line & other from frosting finish .

Colors: Delicious & New Moon 

Delicious(creme):(on site they described it as  Juicy Perimmon Delightbut in actual its kinda bright coral/orangey shade .

New Moon(frosting): (on site they describe it as ) Metallic Rusty Grey but in actual i din't find any hint of grey but yes it is metallic & a very luvly color esp for summers  .

Delicious(creme): i use one coat because polish is very opaque in one coat but I use 2 coats for some extra brightness.

New Moon(frosting): i use two coats normally & three coats for more precised color because this one is very light & runny.

In my opinion these bottles looks like O.P.I's

 My Verdict :

I really love Luscious nail lacquers because they are easy to apply , applicator is wide & thick with two swipes & your whole nail is covered , It dries up really quickly , for PKR 225/- you get a 15ml bottle so its great value to money,with a great product as well .

 They really  gives you a diamond like bright finishing without any top coat & stays good 3,4 days without flaking or chipping ,isn't it such a love thing ?

I will definitely pick more Lacquers from Luscious Diamond Finish & i'd picked 2 from Luscious Fashion(LE) &'ll review'em soon so girlyz stay in touch if you like to read my verdict upon'em :)

My Rating:5/5


Unknown said...

These are lovely colors..i actually had a bad experience with these..i bought a purple nail lacquer and after a month it turned all thick and changed into a sky blue..weird :P

Chicbeautynotes said...

thanku shy n bad to hear but they're in my stash from last 6-7 month & still workin' gud :)

Anonymous said...

Nice review sweet heart <3 My luscious nail paint are same as new still :)

Chicbeautynotes said...

thanku so much sweetie & same here :)
<3 xox

Unknown said...

I am loving it

Blog Descontraidas said...

Gorgeous colors, btw you have a great blog, would you like to follow each other ? Let me know !

Katie O' Brien. said...

These look fab!
Great blog, I am now following!
Katie xx

Dreaming of Forever.

Chicbeautynotes said...

thanku so much dear Betzy :)

Chicbeautynotes said...

Thanku so much Desontraidas dear & surely we can :)

Chicbeautynotes said...

welcome katie & thanku so much dear !

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