Tuesday, 10 September 2013

9 Beauty LESSONS By 9 Disney Princesses!!!

Hello My Beauties

Today i'm up with a post which carries few beauty lessons which i learnt from so special Princesses, 
we gals usually get inspiration by well known faces from fashion and beauty world . some of them are the one's to whom we admire from our early teens and love to a few from our childhood , Disney Princesses are at the top of that list .
so lets learn some beauty tips/tricks/lessons from our fav  Gals to brighten our beauty a bit more :)

lets scroll down to learn those Precious lessons


if  you can't grow full brows,fake it by penciling them in ....
(its gonna be the hottest trend for winters/spring 2013-14 )

so Beauties which one is Your favorite??


Coco said...

Haha let your hair air dry with the colors of the wind, I love that x

Ablaze Aqua said...

& i love that too , seriously great for me :)

thanx for comment coco x

April Ho said...

This is so cute! Ive never thought of that!


Ablaze Aqua said...

thanku dear :) hope you'll keep visiting!

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