Sunday, 31 March 2013

DMGM Crayon Kohl Pencil 01 Black - Review & Swatch

Hello Beauties,

This is a promised post to all my lovelies  so lets scroll down & know my Experience with this beauty :)

How DMGM describes it:

DMGM Crayon Kohl Pencil can be used to create a sharp line for a softer, smoky effect. They are long-lasting and won't crake or streak. It comes in 2 luxurious colors that adds depth & definition.

My Verdict:

Firstly this product is very soft and creamy and it applies with ease.Secondly It stays for about 2.5 - 3 hours without  smudging .

I bought the black one and I must say that it is a perfect black.It has smooth application and a long lasting power.It gives you a smooth look which like very much.

The only drawback for me is that it does irritate my eyes , when i use it after half or one hour it cause itching .

My Rating : 3.8/5

Price: 650 PKR 
(may vary PtoP)

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Luscious Designer Nail Colors - Review

Hello Girls ,

Here i'm with a promised Review , its Luscious's Limited & special edition Nail color Known as Luscious Designer / Luscious Fashion .
scroll down & check my experience with it  :)


Luscious Claim:

14 Special Edition Designer Nail Polishes for Spring 2013
Luscious Cosmetics presents a groundbreaking collaboration with 14 of Pakistan’s top fashion designers to create a collection of delectable nail colors for Spring 2013. If you love fashion, you will love each haute couture shade, from eye-catching brights and jeweled metallics, to chic neutrals to style your nails. The quick drying formula goes on glossy smooth and dries to a longwearing finish.

My Experience:

I'd picked 2 from collection MUSE & ZARA Shahjahan  2nd one now belongs to my sis :)
i was also looking for Elan but wasn't available on counter .

(BTW as per Luscious this edition is available at Al-Fatah ,visited times & again after its release but couldn't get it from  Al-Fatah Islo , its very sad or bad bcoz it does irritate that you visit an announced & well known place for a specific product but you don't get after many visits & nobody excuse for this inconvenience )

About colors :
Most colors are very sheer & runny & you must need 2 coats for full coverage & for good color payoff but formula is quickly drying as Luscious claims & glossy without top coat .

Overall this Edition contain some new colors & shades but formula isn't impressive .

My Rating:3/5

Price:295 Pkr

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Red Alert - Are There Beetle Guts on Your Lips?

HI girls ,

Hope you people are doing well , i found this useful info & wanna share it with you all , its my personal request(being a cosmetic addict) to read it till Z because maybe some of you don't know about it but you should  get know it ,
so scroll down & down ....

Are there beetle guts on your lips? If you are wearing lipstick, there just might be. You might have even eaten beetle guts today! "No, I would never eat beetle guts." you say. Maybe not on purpose, but chances are you have.

Carmine and cochineal extract are natural dyes that are added to many cosmetics, shampoos, food products and medications to give them a pink, magenta or red color. What is carmine and cochineal extract made out of? They are both made out of dried female cochineal beetles. It takes approximately 70,000 beetles to make one pound of carmine or cochineal extract. There you have it, beetle guts!
Take a look at your favorite cosmetic and food products. There is a good chance that you will find carmine or cochineal extract listed in the ingredients. Red lipsticks, canned cherries, strawberry milk, yogurts, and red juices are common products that contain carmine or cochineal extract.

It is really no surprise that they call ground beetles carmine or cochineal extract. After all, how many people would want to buy a product that had beetle guts or ground-up beetle listed in the ingredients. Does not sound very appetizing.
Not all red dyes are made out of carmine or cochineal extract. If other sources of red dyes exist, then why is carmine or cochineal extract used? Carmine and cochineal extract produce a beautiful red color that is very stable and does not fade easily.SO MANY  people are allergic to carmine and cochineal extract.
Are there natural alternatives to carmine and cochineal extract? There are plant based natural red dyes. Red beet and annatto seed are examples of plant based red dyes. Many vegetarian and vegan products use plant based red dyes.
It is a common assumption, that cosmetics in health food stores don't contain animal products. This assumption is not always correct. Because carmine and cochineal extract are natural ingredients, they may be found in products that are labeled natural. Natural does not mean vegetarian or vegan. Cosmetics in health food stores may contain carmine or cochineal extract.
Carmine and cochineal extract can be found in many food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical items in both retail and health food stores. Beetle guts are everywhere. Buyers, you have been warned.
My Piece Of Advice:
Since most labels aren’t given to declaring – and aren’t required to declare – the inclusion of beetle juice in their products, you can keep an eye out for “cochineal extract”, “carmine”, “crimson lake”, “natural red 4″, “C.I. 75470″, and “E120″. Even the phrase “natural colouring” can be used to refer to a dye that’s been derived from an insect.
so if you're dying for a specific product & complete ingredients ain't mentioned on label & you wanna know/confirm complete ingredients of it , e-mail the company , some companies are generous enough & do reply !
use Organic & Mineral products , safer , healthier & non-disgusting .

Food :

Starbucks Admits Its Strawberry Drinks Are Colored with Crushed Parasitic Beetles

Read more: Starbucks Admits Its Strawberry Drinks Are Colored with Crushed Parasitic Beetles

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Luscious Diamond Finish Nail Lacquers - Review

Hi girlyz,
I have been really fond of Luscious Nail Lacquers due to its quick drying time & large variety of colors !
I picked 2  Lacquers one from creme finish line & other from frosting finish .

Colors: Delicious & New Moon 

Delicious(creme):(on site they described it as  Juicy Perimmon Delightbut in actual its kinda bright coral/orangey shade .

New Moon(frosting): (on site they describe it as ) Metallic Rusty Grey but in actual i din't find any hint of grey but yes it is metallic & a very luvly color esp for summers  .

Delicious(creme): i use one coat because polish is very opaque in one coat but I use 2 coats for some extra brightness.

New Moon(frosting): i use two coats normally & three coats for more precised color because this one is very light & runny.

In my opinion these bottles looks like O.P.I's

 My Verdict :

I really love Luscious nail lacquers because they are easy to apply , applicator is wide & thick with two swipes & your whole nail is covered , It dries up really quickly , for PKR 225/- you get a 15ml bottle so its great value to money,with a great product as well .

 They really  gives you a diamond like bright finishing without any top coat & stays good 3,4 days without flaking or chipping ,isn't it such a love thing ?

I will definitely pick more Lacquers from Luscious Diamond Finish & i'd picked 2 from Luscious Fashion(LE) &'ll review'em soon so girlyz stay in touch if you like to read my verdict upon'em :)

My Rating:5/5

Thursday, 14 March 2013

HOT Trends for Summer 2013 - with 5 inspiring Looks

The blue & shades(teal , turquoise , jeans & marine ) are  HOT trends  for this summer !

Blue is easier to use because it's sophisticated and democratic, being beautiful in every style of women. 

Check out these 5 inspiring looks !


Katy Perry also bet on duplinha blue. She coordinated the royal flush to the lower lashes with clear pool in the mobile eyelid. To break the color contoured eye with black pencil close to the root of the lashes and finished with mega hairpieces.Moderninha as always!

 make-photo blue 05_zpse6bf8c1f.jpg

Kim Kardashian invested in a blue jeans sophisticated smoky and concave in the outer corner, and combined with gold and outlined in black mobile eyelid. Close to the lower lashes just a smoky brown cafĂ©. To conclude pencil on the waterline.


Selena Gomez bet on esfumadinho with shimmering midnight blue shade on the eyelid moving lower and close to the eyelashes. In concave rolled navy blueopaque and skirting around the eye pencil. Classic to leave the base without crashing!

Katerina Graham powerful super combined two shades of blue. A turquoise close to the eyelashes in the lower eyelid and mobile, and a marine in the smoky concave and outer corner. Style cat eyes ! To conclude a little black to define the line of concave and delineated.
 photo make-jen-04_zpsb55c40d7.jpg

Ginnifer Goodwin  rocked with a combination of colorful always accurate + neutrals. In the concave outer corner and rolled smoky chocolate brown, close to the lower lashes brown ocher, eyelid mobile klein sparkling blue and the outer V for a little black set. Black also appears around the entire eye and waterline.

Royal, jeans, turquoise, marine ... Gotta define what's your favorite blue?

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer - Review & Swatches

Hello Girlyz!

I think i'm the last on earth who's gonna review this Product  but still hope you'll scroll down to know my experience with it :)

so lets scroll down ....

Swatches & Packages:

color 010 Ivory is perfect match for my skin tone ,

Slim Flashy tube with a very balanced size brush !

Demo : concealed my backhand vains

My Experience:

The product is very light in consistency and therefore is so easy to blend and doesn’t seep into creases in your skin.
The tube is flashy & need a lite pressure  to squeeze desired amount of product otherwise excess product stays in bristles of brush that is attached to it  , I just squeeze some product & dab under my eyes & blend it with my fourth finger .
* A great tip is to add a little powder on top of your concealer to keep it in place.
(may vary place to place )
My Rating:4.8/5

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Need Flawless skin ? usE thiS


Today i'm gonna share with you all some gifts from nature which are VERY beneficial  our skin & health

so scroll down & know more about nature ....

      Almond Oil

Almond oil is a wonderful ingredient and is known for it's moisturising properties which makes this perfect for dry, dehydrated, dull skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another wonderful herb which i like to use a lot as it heals, soothes and revitalises skin.
Perfect for normal and sensitive skin.


Chamomile is used for many things but when used in skincare it is a natural antispetic, soothes, heals, relaxes and protects the skin.
It also has a high amount of anti-inflammatory properties making this wonderful for blemish prone / sensitive skin. 


Cranberries are amazing for the skin as they're an incredible anti-oxidant and have brilliant capabilities to protect your skin on a daily basis. 
This is a must-have in our skincare products especially during the harsh winter as it protects skin from the cold.


Grapefruit is not only yummy and refreshing it's also a natural cleanser,  helps to tone your skin and fight against bacteria.


Honey is a lovely ingredients as it's known for it's soothing, healing properties but at the same time it's an antiseptic, antibacterial and nourishes the skin.


Lemon is a natural antibacterial cleanser and is also known as citric acid.
as it helps to fight against bacteria . 


 Raspberries are not only yummy to eat but wonderful for your skin too!
Anti-ageing, anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant properties....why wouldn't we use this fantastic fruit ?

 Live Happy  & Healthy :)

 Hope it'll help some of you beauties !!!

Friday, 8 March 2013

The Centaurus - Mall Islamabad

Islamabad's first skyscraper , opened its door for public @ 17th Feb's night 

Project features Mega Mall ,Residencia , Corporate & a 7-star Hotel as well  !

If you local Islamabad-ites have been driving around Jinnah Avenue lately, you've probably seen the giant yellow balloon flying around in front of the Centaurus towers – when the Centaurus Mall opened its doors to the first few wanderers that came its way. The yellow balloon was an invitation – big printed letters read: Join Us!

 Because of Centaurus's deluxe mega mall & 5-screen cineplex , a state of the art kids entertainment area & food court offering a large variety of different cuisines...

Many of the younger, hipster generation were ecstatic, saying there's opportunity for economic growth, and “finally, Islamabad will have a mall that we can all come to hang out and have fun”

In mega mall Centaurus have all or majority of big & hi end brands in it ,

Like zara, H&M , addidas , Nike , Mango & so many many more .....

& for cosmetics from MAC , Bobbi Brown ,Lancome, estee lauder to Luscious are available at Al-Fatah's site .

& almost every big brand from Pakistan is available in Centaurus,

so in a nutshell its Good to see & shop each &every thing under one roof first time in Islamabad  !

Hope you Like This Post !

*|Note: Its a compensated post.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

NARS The Multiple Orgasm Review & Swatches

 Hello Beauties 

Today i'm gonna review NARS The Multiple Orgasm , its an iconic innovation by NARS  !!
To me its Glowing Happiness so scroll down & read about this happiness :)

It’s not just Orgasm. It’s NARS The Multiple Orgasm. With a name like that,
 this multi-purpose stick has many expectations to live up to(cheeks ,eyes , lips.)

Available in 16 shades!!


Application : 

smile big for the mirror, and apply the cream directly to the apples of your cheeks.
Then lightly blend, and voila! A beautiful and healthy glowing complexion just like that,I Just use the brush to blend .

The Product:

My Experience:
I love this color! When I put this on my cheeks, I don’t feel like or look like I’m wearing blush at all.
My skin really does look like it’s glowing radiantly from within.
I attribute this to the beautiful pink color that looks good on all skin tones.
Also, the golden shimmers pick up the light to give my skin a warm and healthy glow. 
NARS the multi-purpose stick goes on a lot sheerer than expected but I think this assists in helping the color look natural once on the cheeks.
While this is my favorite blush right now, I can’t give it a perfect score because it’s just so darn expensive And it’s so sheer, I feel like I have to use more of the product…meaning the value of it goes down even more.

    what to Love:

  • Beautiful color, good for all skin tones
  • Easy to use
  • Feels lightweight
  • Multipurpose
  • Looks really natural
  • Healthy Glow
  • Expensive
  • May be too sheer
  • Easy to overblend & lose color

My Rating:4.5 /5

Price: $39

So Beauties What's Your Favrot Cream Blush ?

Friday, 1 March 2013

Lip Stain : L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine : Review & Swatches

Aloha Beauty Geeks !

Hope you all are well & livin' with joy .

Today i'm gonna review  L'oreal's one of the most coveted product Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stain 
(because people who experienced says they are YSL's stains DUPE)

 lets scroll down to know more about it ....

L'oreal offers 12 colors in this range & i'd picked 3 out of'em !!!

Rose On and On 184 is a light and sheer cool pink
Coral Tattoo 188 is a much or orange tone
Endless Red 190 a light shade of red .


The applicator is a leaf-shaped, doe-foot(similar to YSL stain gloss)  making it easier to apply and control how much desired product you want to apply at every nook and corner of lips ,
innovative sturdy bullet packaging with see-through neck to see the shade.


My Experience:

I can see why these are so talked about/coveted stains by L'oreal ,
these stains are  packed with nutrients and anti-ageing properties & spreads like butter on the lips, but at the same time, too thick to form a glossy juicy shine.

All the colors had great staying power, even when I ran water over them numerous times.
It stays for several hours on the lips keeping them soft, smooth, and totally hydrated.

Even if it fades slightly after several hours, it leaves behind a stubborn stain It does not transfer at all.Light scented smelling of the essence of crushed rose petals when tasted, which gets stronger and stronger & gives a tingling sensation .

what to Love:

  • All the colors had great staying power, even when I ran water over them numerous times.
  •  Packed with nutrients and anti-ageing properties 
  • Glides on smoothly
  • Gives a tingling sensation.

  • -Availability
  • - You definitely need an oil based makeup remover to remove these effectively.(for me its not a con actually)
  • - To me, there is no funky annoying smell or feel(but some people complained so.)

My Rating : 4/5

Price:9.99 (US$)

so Beauties what's your favrot lip stain?