Thursday, 14 March 2013

HOT Trends for Summer 2013 - with 5 inspiring Looks

The blue & shades(teal , turquoise , jeans & marine ) are  HOT trends  for this summer !

Blue is easier to use because it's sophisticated and democratic, being beautiful in every style of women. 

Check out these 5 inspiring looks !


Katy Perry also bet on duplinha blue. She coordinated the royal flush to the lower lashes with clear pool in the mobile eyelid. To break the color contoured eye with black pencil close to the root of the lashes and finished with mega hairpieces.Moderninha as always!

 make-photo blue 05_zpse6bf8c1f.jpg

Kim Kardashian invested in a blue jeans sophisticated smoky and concave in the outer corner, and combined with gold and outlined in black mobile eyelid. Close to the lower lashes just a smoky brown cafĂ©. To conclude pencil on the waterline.


Selena Gomez bet on esfumadinho with shimmering midnight blue shade on the eyelid moving lower and close to the eyelashes. In concave rolled navy blueopaque and skirting around the eye pencil. Classic to leave the base without crashing!

Katerina Graham powerful super combined two shades of blue. A turquoise close to the eyelashes in the lower eyelid and mobile, and a marine in the smoky concave and outer corner. Style cat eyes ! To conclude a little black to define the line of concave and delineated.
 photo make-jen-04_zpsb55c40d7.jpg

Ginnifer Goodwin  rocked with a combination of colorful always accurate + neutrals. In the concave outer corner and rolled smoky chocolate brown, close to the lower lashes brown ocher, eyelid mobile klein sparkling blue and the outer V for a little black set. Black also appears around the entire eye and waterline.

Royal, jeans, turquoise, marine ... Gotta define what's your favorite blue?


Unknown said...

I like the last two looks best! This blue color makes eyes more expressive and extraordinary!

sadee said...

I love the first and last eye look

Nivedita said...

Nice post. Selena Gomez looks so cute! I love wearing blues just the same way!

Unknown said...

I am loving all of it

Mahnoor Malik said...

I'm glad that you share this trend post with us :)
Love the post :)

Mahnoor's haul

Chicbeautynotes said...

i luv'em all nd agree Victoria dear :)

Chicbeautynotes said...

thanku sadee dear :)

Chicbeautynotes said...

oh wow ! n yep Nive she'z really cute :)

Chicbeautynotes said...

Me too , Betzy dear :)

Chicbeautynotes said...

Thanku so much Mahnoor dear :)

Unknown said...

Love Ginnifer Goodwin's look! Great post!


Unknown said...

Wow, all these looks are so incredibly beautiful!

Chicbeautynotes said...

Thanku Kendra :) she'z lukin so innocent !

Chicbeautynotes said...

Agree Kim :) & thanx fo your time !


Haaaa, love it ;)

Anonymous said...

I am always inspired by Kim and Katy!
Riza of Pour L'Instant

Chicbeautynotes said...

They are marvelous Riza , their make-up style esp kim's very wearable almost always !
<3 <3

Chicbeautynotes said...

ANDY i luv'em too super cool & popping !

thanx for your time sweets:)

Unknown said...

they r awsome

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