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Red Alert - Are There Beetle Guts on Your Lips?

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Hope you people are doing well , i found this useful info & wanna share it with you all , its my personal request(being a cosmetic addict) to read it till Z because maybe some of you don't know about it but you should  get know it ,
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Are there beetle guts on your lips? If you are wearing lipstick, there just might be. You might have even eaten beetle guts today! "No, I would never eat beetle guts." you say. Maybe not on purpose, but chances are you have.

Carmine and cochineal extract are natural dyes that are added to many cosmetics, shampoos, food products and medications to give them a pink, magenta or red color. What is carmine and cochineal extract made out of? They are both made out of dried female cochineal beetles. It takes approximately 70,000 beetles to make one pound of carmine or cochineal extract. There you have it, beetle guts!
Take a look at your favorite cosmetic and food products. There is a good chance that you will find carmine or cochineal extract listed in the ingredients. Red lipsticks, canned cherries, strawberry milk, yogurts, and red juices are common products that contain carmine or cochineal extract.

It is really no surprise that they call ground beetles carmine or cochineal extract. After all, how many people would want to buy a product that had beetle guts or ground-up beetle listed in the ingredients. Does not sound very appetizing.
Not all red dyes are made out of carmine or cochineal extract. If other sources of red dyes exist, then why is carmine or cochineal extract used? Carmine and cochineal extract produce a beautiful red color that is very stable and does not fade easily.SO MANY  people are allergic to carmine and cochineal extract.
Are there natural alternatives to carmine and cochineal extract? There are plant based natural red dyes. Red beet and annatto seed are examples of plant based red dyes. Many vegetarian and vegan products use plant based red dyes.
It is a common assumption, that cosmetics in health food stores don't contain animal products. This assumption is not always correct. Because carmine and cochineal extract are natural ingredients, they may be found in products that are labeled natural. Natural does not mean vegetarian or vegan. Cosmetics in health food stores may contain carmine or cochineal extract.
Carmine and cochineal extract can be found in many food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical items in both retail and health food stores. Beetle guts are everywhere. Buyers, you have been warned.
My Piece Of Advice:
Since most labels aren’t given to declaring – and aren’t required to declare – the inclusion of beetle juice in their products, you can keep an eye out for “cochineal extract”, “carmine”, “crimson lake”, “natural red 4″, “C.I. 75470″, and “E120″. Even the phrase “natural colouring” can be used to refer to a dye that’s been derived from an insect.
so if you're dying for a specific product & complete ingredients ain't mentioned on label & you wanna know/confirm complete ingredients of it , e-mail the company , some companies are generous enough & do reply !
use Organic & Mineral products , safer , healthier & non-disgusting .

Food :

Starbucks Admits Its Strawberry Drinks Are Colored with Crushed Parasitic Beetles

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