Saturday, 9 March 2013

Need Flawless skin ? usE thiS


Today i'm gonna share with you all some gifts from nature which are VERY beneficial  our skin & health

so scroll down & know more about nature ....

      Almond Oil

Almond oil is a wonderful ingredient and is known for it's moisturising properties which makes this perfect for dry, dehydrated, dull skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another wonderful herb which i like to use a lot as it heals, soothes and revitalises skin.
Perfect for normal and sensitive skin.


Chamomile is used for many things but when used in skincare it is a natural antispetic, soothes, heals, relaxes and protects the skin.
It also has a high amount of anti-inflammatory properties making this wonderful for blemish prone / sensitive skin. 


Cranberries are amazing for the skin as they're an incredible anti-oxidant and have brilliant capabilities to protect your skin on a daily basis. 
This is a must-have in our skincare products especially during the harsh winter as it protects skin from the cold.


Grapefruit is not only yummy and refreshing it's also a natural cleanser,  helps to tone your skin and fight against bacteria.


Honey is a lovely ingredients as it's known for it's soothing, healing properties but at the same time it's an antiseptic, antibacterial and nourishes the skin.


Lemon is a natural antibacterial cleanser and is also known as citric acid.
as it helps to fight against bacteria . 


 Raspberries are not only yummy to eat but wonderful for your skin too!
Anti-ageing, anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant properties....why wouldn't we use this fantastic fruit ?

 Live Happy  & Healthy :)

 Hope it'll help some of you beauties !!!


Unknown said...

very nice blog, i'm going to defnitely stop by more often. :) would you like to follow eachotheron GFC and bloglovin? :) let me know!

Chicbeautynotes said...

welcome & thanx dear & yep surely :)

Unknown said...

I'm loving your blog so much! This post is so helpful! I'm all about DIY beauty! I'm your newest follower via google #128. I'd love it if you could check out my blog and follow back? Also, it'd be great if we'd be able to connect on twitter! Let me know if you add me, so that I can follow you back there too =D
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sadee said...

very helpful post indeed!

Chicbeautynotes said...

welcome & thanku so very much hon , following you back & via twitter too :)

Chicbeautynotes said...

Thanku so much dear for your time :)

Unknown said...

Nice info..i like using aloevera and honey on my skin :)

Chicbeautynotes said...

thanku hon & me too but i like to use'em all in various ways & grape fruit make skin alive & vibrant instantly :) xo

Sana said...

nice post :)

Mahnoor Malik said...

Will definitely try these natural methods :)
Thank you for sharing with us :)

Mahnoor's haul

Chicbeautynotes said...

thanku sana :)

Chicbeautynotes said...

oh sweets its my pleasure :) & i hope you'll get max from these :)

Shang J. said...

I used to use Aloe Vera all the time back home. :D

Chicbeautynotes said...

:D & its my absolute favrot esp in summers :)

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