Sunday, 5 August 2012

Maybelline - The Falsies in Black Drama - Review

Maybelline  FALSIES  volume express Black Drama mascara is the one who justify its hype around the web,
i choose the regular one as it doesn't break lashes as much as waterproof do.

I really, really like this mascara! It really does make my lashes noticeably false lashes! 
The Falsie's mascara won't clump and its easy to remove..

This product is amazing! For its quality, value, packaging, length, volume!
I really like the  length  it gives and it builds easily without getting nasty and clumping! Even with 1 coat your lashes look lush!

on my sis

They sustain your curl....i cannot explain how amazing this is…
i love its curvy Brush ! 

The only negative thing i'd find in this mascara that when i remove it, it spreads all over my eye circle , which needs extra time to clean up completely 

I’ll definitely repurchase it & recommend it to others as well...

you may Like::

-sustainable curls
-thick lashes

you may not Like:

-messy while applying and removing
-sometimes give you clumps
_rare fallout

 My Rating...3.5/5


Maham said...

Great mascara :) would plzz tell where you purchased from and for how much? I really want to follow you but there's no gadget on your page:(

Chicbeautynotes said...

hi Maham thnx :)
nw i add following gadget on ma page u can follow me nw :)

Maham ds one ma bro brought fo me frm EU ,
i guess here in Pak it costs around 1000 pkr & probably available at big stores in karachi agha's, naheed super mkt etc n if u r frm isb chk out D.watson. ox

Unknown said...

I hear the best about this mascara! After this review I'd certainly go buy it!

Chicbeautynotes said...

this z amazing bt just keep in mind it smudges badly when it comes to removing it !

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